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Sad Stories

  • NBA Superstar and cultural icon earned over $200 million in his career lost fortune due to troubles with loans, alcohol, placing too much trust in friend’s managing money and business, and extreme generosity “always paying the tab”
  • One of the best NFL receivers in the last decade blew thru over $80 million earned in his career due to bad investments, huge child support payments, an ill timed home purchase, and blindly trusting of others
  • Legendary southern hip hop artist found himself $640,000 in debt and risk of home foreclosure when a court didn’t approve his bankruptcy due to his lavish spending and unsustainable lifestyle
  • One of the most famous, feared, and accomplished heavyweight champions of all time famously blew thru over $300 million of career earnings on homes, cars, women, jewelry, and pet tigers
  • Well known and respected MLB All-Star pitcher went from riches to rags after investing over $50 million in a video game start up company and was forced to sell everything he had to repay debtors
  • Fan favorite heavyweight champion lost $230 million in career earnings trying to maintain a 235 acre estate, 3 ex wives, and child support for 11 kids
  • NBA All-Star and all around “nice guy” found himself bankrupt just two years after retiring after earning $108 million in career earnings. His extreme generosity, blind faith in friends, saying “yes” too much, gambling, ill timed investments, and an extravagant lifestyle were all contributing factors
  • Popular NFL running back admitted to “having no plan on what he was doing” after his playing days and fell into 2 years of deep depression after not being passionate about working in a family business
  • NBA player filed for bankruptcy after being arrested for non payment of child support for 10 children by 8 different women, evaporating the $35 million he earned over his playing career
  • NLB home run hitting star filed bankrupcy admitting he “forgot to pay taxes”. By the time the IRS caught up, the $45 million he earned in his career was already gone
  • NFL Pro Bowl QB filed for bankruptcy losing the $64 million he earned during his playing days to continually treating teammates to extravagant large dinners, huge birthday parties, and rented out an entire Southwest flight so he could fly alone
  • NFL Hall of Famer lost $82 million after he was fired from his broadcasting job after charges of solicitation of a prostitute and assault and money was wasted away on lion skinned rugs, hundreds of high end sneakers, expensive jewelry, and child support
  • NBA player drafted at age of 18 and was forced to retire 4 years later after blowing an ACL. Blew $10-$20 million on new trucks, parties, tattoos, booze, guns, and amo; now believed to be living at home with his parents